Brand oriol p. bathing suits., Since 1988 with great experience and a pioneer in the Spanish market to offer the possibility of bringing the same stamping swimsuits whole family, it has marked a line in swimwear in Spain with always innovative collections in prints and fabrics from the beginning.

The collection oriol p., Known for its designs, exclusive patterns and value, creating a customer loyalty that has grown with the brand throughout his career.

oriol p. It has a wide range of bikinis and swimsuits for women, as well as other more youthful line ranges from 2 to 16 years (boy and girl). In the men's collection there are patterns to match with family or only child.

In addition, oriol p. . offers a collection of accessories such as dresses (100% cotton), towels, sarongs and a variety of accessories, available only in our stores: bags, kaftans...